The Husick Group, under the leadership of Gail Husick, has been a pioneer in moving a previously military intelligence collection and analysis technique into the civilian sector. As her trainer in the military methodology, I have been honored to assist as she developed and customized it to meet the informational needs of business, police work, and other specialized civilian applications.  She has done more with this "spin-off" technology than anyone else in the field of information acquisition. She is presently the leader in this field of technology. I have seen that she is even surpassing the techniques and capabilities that were achieved in the military. She has assembled a team of highly qualified professionals who have also been trained to the military standards and has developed their abilities further to meet civilian needs. Her professionalism and demand for excellence in her team is beyond impressive. I am both impressed and proud to see her amazing accomplishments.

Leonard “Lyn” Buchanan
Exec. Dir. of Problems>Solutions>Innovations ; Former training officer of U.S. Army Remote Viewing Unit

Gail Husick has brought a fresh approach to the field of Reverse Speech in as much as she has merged Reverse Speech with the field of Remote Viewing, creating a new and very powerful modality. Her Reverse Speech skills are superb and in her time in the field she has amassed an impressive track record of cases she has analysed and correct information she has uncovered. It is my great pleasure to be able to provide a reference for Gail. Her website is top class and professional and I wish her well. To many years of success.

David Oates
Founder of Reverse Speech

The information provided through CRV has been accurate and very helpful in my search. The confidentiality and professionalism of Gail and her team has made a personal and sensitive event very easy to navigate. In my case, the outcome was positive. I have referred to my report many times, even after my reunion, and continue to gain valuable insight. It is my pleasure to recommend the CRV process and Gail's team. Thank you.

Client reunited with birth mother

I brought Gail in on an investigation that had basically hit a brick wall, and her team used remote viewing and reverse speech to come up with clues to get it going again. The level of detail was impressive, too. They didn’t mess around with vague generalities. They gave me many specific details about names and places and events that simply weren’t available any other way, and that checked out as the case was solved. In the end, the information supplied by Gail and her team provided factual and emotional support to the victim. I worked in law enforcement for over twenty three years before starting my own private investigation firm, and I can say that Gail and her team are top professionals who know how to support an investigator.

Jeffrey Chen
Integrity Investigations LLC

My experience of working with Gail and the Husick Group has been nothing but professional and enlightening. Very professional and quality service and project management.

Daz SmithCompany owner Intuitive Recon

I work in a research and development organization and hired the Husick Group to help me find some entrepreneurial paths to pursue to transition some of that R&D into real world applications.  The Husick Group provided incredibly relevant ideas that not only matched the mission of my organization but also to my particular interests.”

Private Client,

When I knew there was something more to the story I was writing but had no evident direction to investigate, the Remote Viewers at the Husick Group were able to point the way. They gave me data that when corroborated was accurate and useful and which, without their help may never have come to light. I definitely will be calling upon their services again, and I definitely would recommend them as a resource to anyone needing difficult to find or otherwise unreachable information.

Private Client