The Remote Viewers who produced the information featured below worked “blind” to the target, meaning that at the time they were working on their remote viewing sessions, they had not been informed that their target related to La Palma or a volcano/landslide/tsunami or anything else of that nature. Each Viewer worked independently of the others.

Early results include the sketch below, where the Viewer depicted and described a three-part event consisting of (A) an initial motion like a massive block coming down hard, resulting in (B) a rising up motion that is a fulcrum-like or a pressurized action, which in turn leads to (C) a rolling motion. Note that this Viewer’s description is consistent with the way that a landslide displaces water and thereby generates a megatsunami.



In the sketch below, the same Viewer provides a depiction of the location where the three-part event shown in the sketch above occurs (the map of La Palma is also included here for easy comparison):


When other Viewers were “blind” tasked to view near-term seismic activity at La Palma, they depicted a large landmass breaking off, as shown in the sketches below. Viewers also described the land being severed and resembling a glacier calving off. Violent rocking, such as that associated with earthquakes, was also reported.


Eruption and/or Explosion

Depictions consistent with a volcanic eruption or other large explosion, which might trigger the break-off of a large landmass, are shown the sketches below:







Depictions of tsunami-like waves that radiate outward from the source are shown in the sketches below. When “blind” viewing the impact of the event on distant locations, Viewers described the interior of the New York Stock Exchange building as being like the inside of a snow globe, the structures near Boston’s Bunker Hill neighborhood as being underwater, Miami beachfront venues as washed away, and Dublin’s Trinity College Old Library as being struck by something resembling an unstoppable ocean surfer’s wave.







Depictions of the drilling and tunneling activities, and possibly other sources of vibration, that may have a causal relationship with the seismic event are shown in the sketches below. Descriptions of the drilling and tunneling activities provided by Viewers were consistent with both geothermal activities and mining activities.







Depictions of the satellite and communications network that may be related to the seismic event are shown in the sketches below: