The Husick Group is an LLC organized and operating in the State of Washington

The Husick Group is a limited liability company organized under the laws of the State of Washington in the United States. The client is responsible for compliance with any applicable laws and regulations of other jurisdictions.

The Husick Group is a licensed private investigative agency in the State of Washington

The Husick Group is a Private Investigative Agency licensed by the State of Washington (WA Private Investigative Agency Lic. #2261) and Gail Husick is a licensed Private Investigator/Principal (WA Private Investigator/Principal Lic. #4323).

Our services focus on Remote Viewing and Reverse Speech

Unless we have entered into a written agreement with you that specifies otherwise, you should assume that our services to you will consist exclusively of Remote Viewing and/or Reverse Speech services. If your project requires investigative services such as background checks or surveillance, we recommend that you retain a licensed private investigator who specializes in those areas. We are happy to provide Remote Viewing and Reverse Speech services directly to other licensed private investigators, or to work collaboratively with other licensed private investigators at the request of the client.

We do not provide legal advice

Neither the Husick Group nor any Husick Group personnel provide legal advice of any kind.

Sales tax

Required sales tax will be added to amounts due for services rendered.


David John Oates claims trademark rights in certain jurisdictions outside the United States in the phrase “Reverse Speech”.

Audio recordings submitted for Reverse Speech analysis must be legally obtained

Audio recordings submitted for Reverse Speech analysis must be legally obtained. Prior to performing Reverse Speech analysis on an audio recording submitted by a client, we may require that the client make written representations about the source of the recording and/or require that the speakers on the recording provide informed written consent to the performance of Reverse Speech analysis.

Privacy policy and confidentiality limitations

We may disclose work from client projects for marketing or training purposes, provided that such disclosure does not reveal identifying information about the client or the project.

Speech reversals identified in publicly available audio sources are not subject to confidentiality.

Our confidentiality commitment does not extend to situations where disclosure is mandated by law, court order, subpoena or as necessary to conduct litigation or participate in other legal process, or where disclosure is necessary to collect our fees or make reward claims or where disclosure is made to correct misrepresentations of our work. We may disclose client information to our service providers such as attorneys and accountants and consultants as necessary for them to perform their services.

Protected religious activities

Science and spirituality are not mutually exclusive. The Husick Group provides Remote Viewing and Reverse Speech services as part of a calling to help others by connecting with something larger than ourselves, and to demonstrate that we humans are more than our physical beings. Although we often describe our activities in terms that are accessible to those living in the developed world of the 21st Century, the types of services we provide have been known throughout history by such names as divination, prophecy, and spiritual counseling. We claim the protection of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

Client is solely responsible for use of results; no guarantee; limitation of liability; indemnification

The client is solely responsible for interpretations and decisions the client may make and actions the client may take after considering work performed by the Husick Group. The client is also solely responsible for consequences that may arise from the client’s sharing of information from the Husick Group with third parties. The Remote Viewing and Reverse Speech methodologies used by the Husick Group rarely yield results that are 100% accurate or complete. Where Remote Viewing or Reverse Speech results raise an issue of interest or concern, clients are strongly urged to conduct follow-up research and investigation using methods other than Remote Viewing or Reverse Speech to obtain confirming data before devoting substantial resources or taking actions affecting others. The Husick Group does not guarantee the accuracy or suitability of results for any particular purpose. Remote Viewing and Reverse Speech results are generally not admissible as evidence in court. No person should be accused of illegal or unethical conduct or denied employment or other opportunities based on work performed by the Husick Group. In no event will the liability of the Husick Group to a client exceed the amount of fees received from the client. The client agrees to indemnify the Husick Group, its officers, directors, employees, contractors, viewers, agents and affiliates against any claims or losses, including attorneys fees, related to the client’s use or disclosure of work performed or delivered by the Husick Group.

Anonymity of professionals

The subconscious mind of a remote viewer often reveals unfiltered information that is politically incorrect, unwelcome, embarrassing or emotionally charged for the viewer or the client. To remain free of “pollution” and distractions that might arise from the possibility of future contact with the client or others, our professionals work anonymously. A client is not entitled to identifying information about our professionals (other than the Project Manager assigned to the client’s project), and by engaging the Husick Group the client agrees not to seek such information at any time, and agrees not to attempt to contact our Remote Viewing professionals.

Limits on rights to work product; not “work for hire”

The Husick Group grants the client a royalty-free, non-exclusive license to the final project report for the client’s project, including Reverse Speech transcript if included. The Husick Group does not provide clients with documentation or other work product aside from the final project report, Reverse Speech transcripts and Reverse Speech sound files. Without limiting the foregoing, clients are not entitled to the internal communications and working papers of the Husick Group, and by engaging the Husick Group the client agrees not to seek such information at any time. Work performed by the Husick Group is not “work for hire” with respect to the client, and the Husick Group retains all copyright and other intellectual property in all work produced by the Husick Group.

All that said…

One size doesn’t necessarily fit all. Need stricter confidentiality? Broader intellectual property rights? If you have a special situation that requires different arrangements from those listed above, talk to us. Where appropriate, we can customize terms – in writing – at the beginning of a project, so you can be sure your needs will be met. In the absence of a written agreement to the contrary, the above terms and conditions will apply.