Gail Husick - IRVA 2018

Welcome to the Husick Group

The Husick Group offers Remote Viewing and Reverse Speech services to individual, business and government clients seeking information that may be difficult or impossible to obtain from other sources.

We offer:

Business consulting

Scientific research consulting

Litigation consulting

Political and current-events analysis

Support for missing-person searches

Criminal investigation support

Customized consulting based on client needs

Gail Husick

Founder and President

Founder and CEO Gail Husick brings a unique combination of management and information acquisition skills to the Husick Group. Gail has been trained and mentored in Controlled Remote Viewing by Lyn Buchanan, former...
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The Husick Group draws on the talents of more than 20 experienced Remote Viewing professionals from around the world. Many of our viewers have been trained directly by former members of the U.S. Army’s Remote Viewing unit, and some of our viewers are themselves Remote Viewing instructors.

Our Reverse Speech services are available as a complement to our Remote Viewing services, or on a stand-alone basis.

The Husick Group uses a team-based approach to ensure the best match of professional skills and client needs. We can address complex projects quickly by assigning different aspects of a client’s project to different team members based on availability and strengths.

Husick Group LLC is a Private Investigative Agency licensed by the State of Washington (WA Private Investigative Agency Lic. # 2261). Gail Husick is a Private Investigator/Principal licensed by the State of Washington (WA Private Investigator/Principal Lic. #4323). HUSICK GROUP LLC P.O. Box 437 Medina WA 98039 USA.